Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

it's summer dude!

Summer is always identic with bright colours.... for me, summer time is when every one get ready for beach time and eat ice creammm... i do love ice cream so much.... yesterday i ate ice cream as the begining of my day,... so it was be my inspiration when i looked into my closet so i choosed this clothes for that day... actually i toke this photo yesterday but i dont have any time for post it....but i really love today, actually i love everyday, but today is great. finally i got ticket for harry potter, it seems so many months in indonesia doesn't has any good movies in cinema because of some regulations...  can't wait for this weekend! how about u?? are u planning some event for ur weekend?

no title

sometimes i thought it will be nice if i had a tea time in my backyard,but i never did it.... huaaa! But i just went to other place, tried its afternoon tea. i had afternoon tea in social house with my friends, it's such a nice place.... i'll let u see the photo  soon.... i havent got it from my friend yet...

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

my day! yihaaa "graduation day"

thank you to my family, my friends, my best friends and my lecturee.... it was awesome in that day just because all you came to my graduation day... love u all

girls and boys just wanna have fun

we have another potrait.... we use some anythings which found it in the studio.... our photographer was really creative, i thought he was a good koreographer too.... in my next blog, you can see how beautiful he potrait me, family and friends in my graduation day....


me and some friends toke a photo in a studio, we wore our graduates's suit.... the photographer is one of our friend.... his name is andy, u can see his portfolio in his web www.andygunawan.com ....

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

pink leaves

today i am going to pick up my parents in the airport,.... this saturday is my graduation day, so it must be a special day for me and my friends which graduate in this year....so, i thought my weekend will be great

Senin, 25 April 2011


i had a dinner for my weekend with my brother and his friends.... we ate in korean restaurant, i ate a lot of beef (bbq),...it was so delicious and i can't stop eat....i choose to wore just a simple white dress... the atmosphere is so korean, and can u see that the architecture is korean's herritage...how about you? did you have a great weekend?

your job is cool

i took a photo in front of the house that still in a renovation... i think a man who has a job that build a house, or a building, or anything else is cool.... every job in this world is awesome because it needs a special skill for do it.... so just be proud of your job,....

book is one of the world's window

one of my favourite hobbies is reading.....i love read anything that made me feel interested in it,......
 i thought the most popular news in this month is the royal's wedding,... i bought a magazine, its name"royal wedding' is telling about prince william, catherine middleton, and the other stuff that related with their weds.... let's wait and see for this April 29th.... the most spectacular wedding in this year.....

let's pray for them,they live happily ever after ^^